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Eat and Live has been a long time dream for Erika. Originally, her obsession with human nutrition started in a chemistry lab. Yes, Erika is a nerdy chemist, registered dietitian, and has a masters emphasizing specialties in exercise physiology and sports nutrition.  
While working as a chemist researching how arsenic causes skin cancer Erika learned the harsh connection between nutrition and health. Now, armed with an extreme fascination with the complexity of human metabolism and its propensity to correct itself when given proper nutrition, Erika is excited to help anyone interested in improving their nutritional quality of life.  
Erika was born and raised in Montana with a family of adventurers who encouraged academics, athletics, and outdoor activities.  Her greatest outdoor love is downhill skiing, which you can find her teaching each winter in Big Sky, Montana. 
If you are looking for someone to help with your athletic endeavors, digestive issues, chronic disease, family nutrition, food allergies/intolerances, or to improve your overall health, Erika might be the dietitian to help you.  
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Erika L. Rauk, MS, RD, LN

P.O. Box 160618

Big Sky, MT 59716

Tel:  406-529-1097

Email: erika.rauk@eatandlivemt.com

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